28 February 2008


By Week 8 of your pregnancy, many things have already happened. Here's what's going on inside your body:

Baby's spinal column are beginning to form around week 5

Head, chest and abdomen are forming
Heart is beating
Arm and leg buds appear
Beginnings of mouth and jaw are visible
Beginnings of fingers and toes appear
Lungs are formed
Eyes and ears are developing
Intestines are forming
Spine is flexible and moveable by week 8
All internal organs are in place by week 8
Genital organs are visible
Shoulders, elbows, knees and hips are developing

Pictures of Pregnancy Stages - Week 12
Inner ear, external ears, eyes, mouth and nose are developing
Arms, legs, hands and feet are growing quickly
Heart is pumping blood to all parts of the body
All internal organs are functioning

Pictures of Pregnancy Stages - Week 16
Your baby is now completely formed (by week 13)
From now on, growth will be rapid
Arms and legs can bend
Heartbeat can be heard with ultrasound
Baby's weight has more than doubled from week 15 to week 16
Baby is moving quite vigorously
Muscles are getting stronger
Eyebrows and lashes grow

Pictures Of Pregnancy Stages - Week 20
Here's what's going on inside between weeks 16 and 20.
Baby is covered in fine hair
Muscles are developing rapidly
Baby continues to grow and put on weight
Teeth are beginning to form
Hair is growing on baby's head
Muscle strength is increasing
Baby is very active

Pictures Of Pregnancy Stages - Week 24
Between weeks 20 and 24, your baby is growing rapidly and it starting to put on weight.
Baby can suck its thumb
Baby can hiccup and cough
Baby weighs just over 1 pound

Pictures Of Pregnancy Stages - Week 28
By Week 28, your baby is perfectly formed and starting to fill out.
Vernix coats the baby's skin
Baby's lungs are mature
Fat is starting to accumulate
Baby weighs approximately 2 pounds

Pictures Of Pregnancy Stages - Week 32
By Week 32, you may be starting to feel the effects of the baby's increasing size. Most mom's' find that they tire easily at this stage and that they feel out of breath when exerting themselves.
Most babies are in the head down position
The placenta is mature
Baby's head and body are now in proportion to each other

Pictures Of Pregnancy Stages - Week 36
By Week 36, you will be tiring easily, may be having trouble finding a comfortable sleeping position and you may even be experiencing Braxton-Hicks contractions as your body gets prepared for the arrival of your new baby.
Baby continues to gain weigh
The irises of the eyes are now blue

Baby weighs approximately 5 pounds

Pictures Of Pregnancy Stages - Week 40
At Week 40, your baby is fully mature and ready to be born. You may lose your appetite as the baby leaves less room for your stomach to expand and you may feel particularly tired. It's a good idea to nap during the day whenever you can.
Most of the vernix on the baby is gone
Most of the lanugo is gone
In a boy, the testicles have dropped
Baby's eyes are open and it can distinguish light


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