29 January 2014

:: Penting utk sapa pakai Galaxy Ace S5830i ::



This guide and these files are ONLY intented for samsung galaxy ace S5830i

If you use these files in any other model your phone will be unable to boot anymore and you might not be able to recover it from brick.

This guide is mainly for getting rid of the junk mobile companies put in your mobile phones.

When you are finished you will be updated to a Non-Branded STOCK 2.3.6 Turkish ROM. This rom is multilingual so you'll find no problems

You need to do the flasing:

-Odin v1.84
-ROM Files (multiple ROM files, as many people have problems with one-package file)
-PIT FILE (cooperve_0623.pit)
-Samsung Mobile Drivers

1 - Be sure to have installed the drivers properly. Reboot your system after de installation.

2 - Run ODIN 1.84 as administrator.

3 - Select the PIT File (do not change any option in ODIN, leave them as they are)

4 - Select all the four files in their proper place (this is the same as other samsung mobiles, do not use DEFAULTCALDATA file if you don't know what it is for, just use the other 4 files)

5 - Put your Galaxy ACE in download mode. To do so, shutdown your phone, remove the battery, remove simcard, remove microsdcard. Wait 10 secs. Put the battery (dont insert SIM or SDCARD). Now press vol+ vol- and power and wait until a warning screen appears. Then pres Vol UP to continue. You will see now DOWNLOAD MODE

6 - Connect your galaxy ace to your PC via USB. Odin will detect it and a yellow box will appear. Press START and do not touch anything until the proccess finishes. The phone will auto-reboot if everything goes well.

7 - When the android configuration screen appears, shutdown your phone, insert SIM and SDCARD and turn it on again. Finish the configuration proccess.

8 - DONE!!!

If you want to download all the files needed (except for the samsung drivers) download this .rar file


You are free to copy, send, upload in other server, etc in order for people to get the file.

I think it is easy but should you need an screenshot please feel free to tell me

Thanks for reading  

tq..to http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1708899

14 January 2014

:: Kalumpang Resort Training Centre 11_12 Jan 2014 ::

Tarikh : 11-12 Januari 2014
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